About Us

jo-and-mary-300x232Jo & Mary came together 8 years ago with a shared vision of starting a Supper Club using both their strengths in a wonderful shared partnership of fun.

Jo has run her own catering business for 13 years and worked and trained in a Game and Wild Food Restaurant in West Berkshire. Loving the buzz of a restaurant kitchen, she dreamed of running a Supper Club.  Mary lives in a beautiful house in Wokingham with her 5 children and also dreamed of starting a Supper Club. She has a huge passion for Soul music and is a wonderful hostess. Having the perfect venue, she just needed a partner with cooking skills to bring the dream together. Through a coincidental meeting in April 2012, Mary Jane’s Soul Kitchen was born. They are both passionate about good food and using local seasonal produce. They both love entertaining and social gatherings, and Mary Jane’s Soul Kitchen has gone from strength to strength since then.